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Things to consider


Unplugged   Weddings

Understandably, in the age of social media and the addictive nature of sharing every aspect of our lives as quickly as possible, your guests will want to photograph and record your special day on their own devices. Unfortunately, in their excitement, quite often they will not realise how intrusive their own photography efforts are, and that you have paid a lot of money for a professional photographer to do this job for you. What a shame to see an important moment that I had hoped to capture during the ceremony, spoilt by the flash of someone’s iPhone, or a special moment in a group shot, invaded at the side of the frame by someone’s arm holding up a phone, camera or would you believe it, even an iPad. I would love to discuss this option with you, and how to approach the subject with your guests. I’m sure they’ll all agree that it’s a lot more exciting to wait and see the professional photos, rather than spoil it by putting pictures of the bride with red eye on Facebook. It can be approached by adding a line onto invitations or your order of service which can read something like ‘Please allow the professional photographers to do his/her job capturing our day with you, so please relax and switch off your mobile phones and all camera devices during the ceremony until we reach the reception venue’


Terms and Conditions

When you make a booking you will be asked to sign a copy of Terms and Conditions. These are designed to protect both of our interests. You will also be asked to pay a 25% deposit


A final thought

Ok, so we might look like we live in the past but we have modern day interests just like everyone else. We love to photograph all types of people, whether you consider yourself vintage, alternative or pretty straight down the line, our photography is about you, on your special day, and we’d love to be there




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